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Cleopatra Dance Fest is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the Art of Bellydance in all its styles and forms. Our focus is to build an strong international dance community by bringing awareness and educating students from around the world about Egyptian culture, dance, and music. 

We strive to preserve the past and explore new ideas of dance and choreography. Year after year we invite the best Egyptian and International Master Teachers to come and share their knowledge and talents with hundreds of dance lovers from all over the globe.

Meet the Cleopatra Dance Fest, Founder, and Producer;


Mohamed Shahin is an inspirational instructor, world-renowned instructor, performer, and challenging choreographer of Egyptian Oriental Dance (Raqs Sharqi) and Middle Eastern Folkloric Dance.

A native of Cairo Egypt and originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Shahin discovered his passion for Egyptian Dance at the young age of fifteen. Shahin developed a complex methodology of instruction that has made him a Master teacher beloved to his students worldwide, today. Shahin currently lives in New York City but has been touring internationally full-time since 2004. At Shahin’s workshops, students fall in love with his friendly personality and the level of perfectionism and fine attention to detail that sets him apart as an instructor of Egyptian Dance.
Mr. Shahin is a master teacher/ choreographer of Classical, Traditional, and Modern Oriental (Raqs Sharqi), Baladi, Cairo style Shaabi, as well as, all kinds of Egyptian Folklore dance.

His explanations of technical breakdowns of the body isolations, movements, and combinations that make up his elaborate and challenging choreographies, Shahin’s talent and expertise have taken him around the world to teach workshops, perform and judge international dance competitions in major dance festivals in many countries throughout the world, including but limited to The Middle East, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa as well as some of most prestigious international Egyptian Bellydance festival Egypt.

Besides being a very well-known Bellydance instructor, Mr. Shahin is also an events producer, He is the founder, Organizer, and instructor of the Annual CLEOPATRA Egyptian Dance Festival in Cairo – Egypt, as well as organizer and owner of the annual NYCairo Raks Festival in New York City – USA, and also the Founder and Producer of the Annual Dance Like An Egyptian Intensive Week in Cairo Egypt.

As an instructor, Shahin found the need to create his own line of instructional DVDs at the request of many of his students participating in his workshops and private classes worldwide. Shahin’s workshop participants are now able to continually study his choreographies and drills of the technical breakdowns, body isolations, movements, and combinations that make up his choreographies- in the convenience of their own homes. Shahin’s instructional DVDs are also a great asset for those who study Egyptian dance but are unable to attend Shahin’s workshops. Shahin has numerous instructional DVDs on the market under the name ‘Dance Like an Egyptian’ DVD series.
In addition to the continuous productions of DVD’s, Shahin, has produced a series of Music Albums, CD’s that are made especially for Bellydancers and keeping all the Bellydancers needs in mind, his experience as a master teacher has given him an edge to work with the musicians to produce songs that are tailored to the dance and dancers, his productions experience in the music studio has made him extremely valuable to both the musicians and the dancers alike, producing some of the best music albums ever created for dance. Egyptian’ DVD series.

Shahin speaks Arabic, English & Russian which adds to his great array of skills and enables him to instruct students in these 3 languages, not to mention the language of Dance.

  • To learn more about Mohamed Shahin’s work, please visit his YouTube Channel.

  • Shahin wishes to thank all those who support and inspire him on his journey in dance.

“If to dance is to dream, then you make dreams come true”
– Mohamed Shahin –


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