Welcomes You To The 2nd


Egyptian Dance Festival 


JUNE 30 – JULY 7, 2024

Cairo, Egypt

~ Reconnect ~

Cleopatra Egyptian Dance Fest. is located in the heart of Cairo, Giza, Egypt, dedicated to the love of the art with a high level of professionalism and organization, with YOU, the participant always at the center of the attention!

Cleopatra Egyptian Dance Fest aims to preserve Egyptian oriental dance and explore new vocabulary and artistic expressions to allow for the advancement of the art while respecting and protecting the history of the art.

We are a group of some of the best Master Egyptians and International instructors in the world of Bellydance, all gathered in one place doing what we love, to celebrate and educate with students and dance enthusiasts from all over the world.You are the Present and You are the Future!

~ We Dance, We Connect, & We Make History ~

CLEOPATRA Master Instructors

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Egyptian and international Master Instructors.         

Some of the best most dedicated teachers to the art of oriental dance you can find today, they live it in every hour of their days, they eat drink and sleep, oriental dance. Some of them with decades of experience in this art form.
We are honored to have them in our Cleopatra Dance Family.

Meet our Instructors:

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