WorkShops Schedule


Workshop Schedule And Timeline

JUNE 30 - JULY 7, 2024

Cleopatra Fest is offering you two choices of workshops throughout each day.

Three Hours of Master Workshop and Two Hours of Oriental & folklore workshops. We have picked for you some of the best Egyptian and international Oriental dance instructors that the world of Bellydance has to offer.

Workshop Schedule & Timeline is


To participate in the Festival you must sign up for one of the below workshop packages:
  • BRONZE PACKAGE: Your selection of Workshops adding up to a minimum of $300.00 
  • SILVER PACKAGE: A total of 10 workshops: 8 Master Workshops of  (3-hour Workshop)  and 2 Workshops (2-hour Workshop) cost $400.00     {Save $50} 
  • GOLD PACKAGE: A total of 12 Workshops: 9 Master Workshops of (3-hour Workshop) and 3 Workshops (2-hours Workshop) cost $450.00.    { Save $75} 
  • FULL PACKAGE: Unlimited Workshops: This will allow you to take ANY Workshops of your choice at ANY time. $500.00
Extra additional costs:
  • Participating the at QUEEN Category competition $50

  • Participating the at PRINCESS Category competition $50

  • Participating the at GROUP Category competition $60

  • Participating the at JUNIOR Category competition $40

  • Live Orchestra or CD Open Stage/Showcase $40

  • Additional 3 hours Master Workshop $50

  • Additional 2 hours Workshop $25